Scientific board of the 4 CRNHs

Scientific board of the 4 CRNHs

The Scientific Advisory Board meeting took place in Paris from the 9th to the 11th of April 2014.
Nine of the European expert committee met with twenty CRNHs researchers.

During those three days the CRNHs discussed their scientific strategies and the researchers presented their work.
Projects were presented by research topic.
There were eight research topics:
- Metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular risks and diabetes
- Food and sedentary behavior
- Bone and muscle
- Perinatal nutrition
- Adipose tissue and obesity
- Gastrointestinal tract
- Cancer
- Food Allergies

The expert committee will provide feedback in May.
Please find below the programme for the Scientific Advisory Board meeting and the presentations given by the directors of the CRNHs:


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