The Center for Human Nutrition Research "Ouest" ("West")(CRNH Ouest) replaced the Nantes CRNH on October 10, 2013 (Decree published in the Official Journal November 14, 2013). The latter was established in 1995 under the Ministry of Research at the initiative of INRA, INSERM, Nantes University hospital, and Nantes University.

Today, it brings together in a Public Interest Group (GIP):

• 15 research units and University Hospital Departments belonging to four different organizations

In addition to the founding partners, ONIRIS (Nantes Atlantic College of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science and Engineering), FCC (French Comprehensive Cancer Centers) joined in the CRNH as Associate Members; as well as the Association management Center for Research on healthy Volunteers (CAHR).

The CRNH Ouest coordinates scientific activities within the Human Nutrition in Nantes, Angers, Rennes, and Tours. Its overall objective is the development of a nutritional prevention to reduce the incidence of pathologies of the digestive system (primarily the intestine) but also of chronic metabolic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity or type 2 diabetes, and some cancers.

CRNH Ouest Activities are within the following four areas:

- Perinatal Nutrition and adult health

- Brain-intestine axis

- Molecular mechanisms linked to lipid metabolism and chronic pathologies

- Better understanding of the onset of allergies. Development of treatment and prevention strategies.

The CRNH Ouest is equipped with a dedicated platform to analyse stable isotope by different techniques of mass spectrometry (GC-MS, IR-MS) and is at the origin of the creation of a Research Centre on Volunteers which is part of the Clinical Investigation Center of Nantes.

The CRNH Ouest contributes significantly to the management and teaching of Master 2 Research "Food Science and Human Nutrition" (SANH) (Nantes University).

Several members of CRNH Ouest are part of:

- The Institute of Digestive Disease (IMAD), Nantes  (The Institute of Digestive Disease (IMAD), Nantes)

- Western Cancer Institut (

- Food and Nutrition Cluster (PONAN) (


GIP – CRNH Ouest
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